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《Volume bead curtain》--Collection class sapphire suit
"Good Chinese song" singer -- Huo Zun
A song of "Volume bead curtain" has been featured on the list of Asian, global Chinese music, Year of the horse gala and the Lantern Festival gala. At the same time, for her mother, Ms. Zhong xiaoping custom-made thi
《The Mark of Love》——Custom prints on ring
A leading figure in Chinese pop music—— Lao Zi
Music director of music series jointly launched by CCTV variety show and canxing, such as "good Chinese songs" and "perfect star opening". Love with his wife is the only jewelry counter purchase wedding ring
《Jiangnan song》——Custom jade pendant
Chinese dance drama quee——Shan Chong
The opera and dance theater national first-class actor, the 15th Chinese drama plum blossom prize, the first international "Delphi" art competition "special art achievement award" and so on. Personally visit ISWEAR cu
《Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Auspiciousness》——Collector's gold necklace
Love is the only jewelry "Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Auspiciousness" necklace as the "Chinese love, France and China diplomatic ties 50 years anniversary" golden wedding mascots presented to the host collection.